Music on a spiritual level 

Some might think music is just a bunch of notes and lyrics, but they’re not. Music is more than that. It is something that could brighten someone’s day up or be there for someone when they are feeling sad. You can feel connection to music that can be very special. One song I can connect to is a song called Crusader (Are we There Yet?). “Why try growing up too fast I’ve learned its better living in the moment.” I find myself wishing to be older and becoming a teacher. I’m just a Freshman in college. Everyone takes youth for granted. I use to wish to be older, but now I just wish I was a kid again. Back when the world was innocent, no worries, and less stress. In the world we live in, being an adult and doing childish things are frowned upon. Why does everything fun have to be childish? If you play video games you’re childish. If you love watching cartoons, you’re childish. Music can bring upon different emotions to someone. For me, this song made me wish I was younger and made me wish things were simpler. There is one great thing about music, everyone could interpret a different meaning to a song. Someone could have a completely different opinion on this song. Music is a beautiful thing. It makes life a lot more bearable in tough times. I thank you all for reading my posts over the past months and I thank you for supporting this blog! 

Black gryph0n & Baasik- Crusader(Are we There Yet?):Click Me


Five Finger Death Punch

FFDP is a rock band that is very well know in the rock community. With their imprint on rock music, they have become legends in my opinion. There are two songs in particular that have stuck out to me.

Ffdp- Ashes Click Me

This was one of the first songs that introduced me into listening to them. This song is super catchy, and has a great hook. It’s such a great song and there are several songs like this that can are very hardcore but have a softer chorus. It’s just the right amount of metal and soft rock.

Silent Planet

Silent Planet is a metalcore band I started to listen to not too long ago. When I saw August Burns Red in concert, they were one of the bands that were opening for them. What I noticed about some of their songs is that they are about serious subjects.
Silent planet- Native Blood:Click Me!

At first when I heard the song in concert, I didn’t realize what it truly was It’s about. The song is about the native Americans and the pain they felt. Garrett Russell, the vocalist for Silent Planet, says “the song deals with America’s expansionist persecution of Native American people. This is all told through the lens of a young girl who watches her peoples’ way of life be taken from them in the name of ‘God.’” When I learned about this, I was suprised. It has such a new meaning whenever I listen to the song now. We never actually think about how the US was actually formed most of the time because we were just born into it like this. 

Silent Planet – Panic Room:Click Me!

Garrett Russell track by track Analysis of panic room:Click Me!

Oringinally the song panic room was suppose to be about panic disorders, but after a few events, it was changed to be about PTSD. Silent planets track on track analysis with Garrett Russell tells that the song talks about PTSD and an experience one of his friends had when he was serving. This song is really deep and walks you through a portion of what a veteran with PTSD experiences. All of the flashbacks and it isn’t always black and white as it seems. 

This band amazing in concerts, on tracks, and are amazing for bring up the topics most people are hesitant to bring up.

Anime openings

In most anime openings, the main language of the songs are Japanese. There are a lot of amazing songs that have stuck out to me and always manage to get stuck in my stuck.
One Punch song full: Click Me!
One punch man opening:Click Me!

One punch man’s opening theme song is probably one of my favorite anime openings of all time. It’s so cool and has so much hype to it. In most Japanese songs, they try to put some English lyrics in them to have us know a little bit of it. Although, I will try to remember lyrics of songs like these even if it isn’t my strongest language. It’s more of how the music sounds to me than th content it holds. The anime and song go hand and hand because they both are very cool and funny. I highly recommend the anime and the song to anyone starting to watch anime.
Nano-Bullseye:Click Me!

Overwatch opening: Click Me!

This next song stars in a fan made opening for the overwatch video game. Although overwatch isn’t an anime, still has that anime feeling. The songs name is Bullseye and is made by Nano. This song has a lot more hype in it than most anime opening I’ve heard before. It’s very face paced and combined with the intro is just a masterpiece. It’s really surprising what average joes can do if they put enough time and effort into something like this. I’ll put the link of the song and the opening in the links as always.

Christmas music…too early?

That’s a trick question! It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas! I love all of the classics, but I love the new songs and new covers a lot.

Michael Bublè- All I want for Christmas is You:Click Me

Christmas album:Click Me

I love this song so much. When Michael Bublè dropped his Christmas album, this was my favorite and most played song from it! I love singing to it and it gives me a Christmas feeling! He has several other songs on there, but this one stuck out the most to me. It’s a lot slower than the original version, but it’s a lot better(my opinion). It is in my vocal range, so I can sing it proudly! 

Set it off-This Christmas(I’ll burn it to the Ground):Click Me!

This an anti-Christmas song which makes me think of the Grinch! Instead of the Grinch, he’s called Jack. The first thing I thought of when his name was Jack, I thought of Jack Frost. It’s really fun to sing to and I can really get into it. “Up on the rooftop gifts are mine, kiss your Christmas tree goodbye!” The first time I heard those lyrics, I laughed so hard! I highly recommend this song to everyone! This is probably my most favorite Christmas Song of All Time! They also have a music video which link will be above this paragraph.

No Copyright Sounds

Side note : I’m changing up my post a little bit by placing the song link that I am talking about above the summary, so it will be a little more convenient. Also instead of the long link address, I replaced it with the phrase “Click Me!”. Of course I would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you like the old way or the new way of putting the link in. Comment on the post so I can get your personal opinion.

YouTube channel- No Cooyright Sounds :Click Me!

No copyright sounds is a YouTube channel that  offers a lot of music to make youtubers have access to quality music ,that is fair use(free), to make their videos better. There is any kind to choose from, but I will list a few songs that I personally love listening to.

Lost by The Eden Project : Click Me!

This song is sad, but I still love listening to it. Lost is dubstep, but has a lot of lyrics actually, so I don’t know if I would classify as that. The song triggers some sad past experiences in my life that make me relive those moments. Although it makes me relive those moments, it makes me learn from my past experiences. You should never forget your past experiences, rather learn from them and don’t make the same mistakes or charish what you have before it’s gone. This song is on my top ten songs, so you should check it out!

Shallow by Syntact : Click Me!

Shallow is a dubstep song that includes some parts of a trumpet. It’s very calming to listen to and I love it because I also play trumpet. Playing an instrument that is not very commonly used in dubstep is really cool, and I wish more dubstep songs included these kinds of instruments. The beat behind it is also great. I’m glad to see more music like this.


Songs that are mentioned have explicit content and might not be suitable for some people. 

Hello there you handsome men and beautiful women. Today we will be discussing rap music. If you like to see more content like this, smash that like button!

There are a lot of rap musicians that are very good and some that have made an impact on the music industry. Some of great musicians in the industry are Tech N9ne and Eminem.

Tech n9ne has made a lot of amazing songs including one of my personal favorites ;straight out the gate and aw yeah?. On the song aw yeah?, the thing that makes it one of my personal favorite is the beat and background vocals. I love the opera sounding, and it just sound enchanting. Straight out the gate features the lead singer of the band “system of the down”. (I will make a post about this band later.) The song ,straight out the gate, gives off a conspiracy feeling. I personally like conspiracy stuff like the illuminati and other stuff like that. It’s really entertains me to read or listen about the conspiracy theories. This song talk about how straight out the gate we are taught to live by societie’s lifestyle. Tech N9ne also has a lot of other songs that are interesting, but these were my personal favorite.

Eminem is highly know across the entire world and has earned his reputation as a “rap god”. My favorite sons by him are ” Best Friend and Survival”. Survival was a song that was featured in my favorite call of duty game: Call of Duty Ghost. Whenever I need to focus in a video game or to pump me up for a match, this song is the first thing I listen to. It’s like my wildcard when I need an extra gust of wind. It’s survival of the fittest. This song pretty much defines him as the tip top of the food chain. Adapts to anything and is fierce as a raging fire.


Tech N9ne- Straight out the Gate:

Tech N9ne- Aw yea?:

Eminem – Survival:

Eminem- Best Friend: http:

Filthy Frank


George Miller is a YouTube who goes by Filthy Frank. Back in the start of his YouTube career he made music. His first Rap name was Joji Miller. Although he still does music, his content has changed a lot. At first his rap name was joji miller then pink omega or pink guy. Some say pink guy and pink omega are different, but I just include them as one because pink omega released a small amount of songs. His content is very explicit. It really not recommended to people who do not like foul language. I love listening to this music!

As Joji he made an album which contained a lot of great songs. One of those songs were called Thom. It’s a great combination of rap and it’s amazing vocals. At the beginning it has a rap and then the rest is mostly vocals. It’s a song I listen to to just chill out. I find his content to be very comical. 

As pink guy, his content is a lot more random. This is the current version of joji. The one song that i really like is called Fried noodles. The rap part is obviously very explicit, so don’t be surprised when you listen to it. I really like the chorus to this song. This kind of music I love a lot because it’s very unique. It’s so random!

Joji Miller-Thom:

Pink Guy- Fried noodles: